Amber Aija Vītoliņa & Aisha Aija Andrejeva

Only a couple months ago I finished to work on project where different musicians where jamming in nightclub. I was shooting video. Here You can see few of them… The shortest ones because no need to publish interviews on language You don’t know :).

And one more video frow the samu nightclub, but different party

“If you want to change the world”

I have published my book ”If you want to change the world” here on my web page and You can read it for free. The book tells a story about my experience in Africa and Norway where I was taking a part in project for helping poor people. All text is written by myself and all pictures are mine as well. Please, enjoy it here:


Thank you Māra for great acoustic concert!

Here in Latvia we have a great place for markets, concerts, exhibitions and good atmosphere – Kalnciema kvartāls.

Yesterday I visited the place and was listening to very nice acoustic concert by part of Astro`n`out. Thank you very much for such a nice lyrics, voice, being so kind and everything! Here is my short video from that…

My biggest job – Pushwagner

Push (29 of 34)

One of my biggest and most complicated photo projects I have ever done was working for Norwegian painter Hariton Pushwagner. We where a team of 4 to capture his old paintings, that where in storage for many years in bad conditions and where damaged by water and cold. The plan was to photograph his paintings, made on

1,5 x 2,5m veneers, as panoramas, to stitch from 48 frames each by 36MP camera to get 1,5 x 2,5 m big picture in 300 dpi. His paintings were different size but mostly one veneer was just a ¼ of whole painting and each painting was a part of story. So, you imagine the size of pictures and project we made and stitched.

Mosaic 3 with names

It was “A day in the family man’s life 1980” and other collections.

The problem was to do pictures as panorama because if you try to find software – all of them are made for spherical panorama and can’t be used for 2d objects. So we made a rig for moving camera step by step and made one software work as we wanted to stitch everything together.

In the end everything worked out well and we made almost 200 stitched together pieces. It was incredible.

[Hariton Pushwagner is playing tennis against his drawing on wall]
[This painting is made on 3 veneers and it contains 144 photographs]
[Photo Rig and vacuum table with piece of painting on it]
[Painting made by Pushwagner]

Tools (1 of 12)


Time-lapse: LATVIA

I sometimes do realize time-lapses and enjoy them very much. Hope You will enjoy them also. This one is made in part of Latvia called Kurzeme. Very nice river for canoeing, swimming in summer time and fishing. But here you see that Autumn is coming…


Sometimes I do realize projects for panoramas pictures. It means I take 3-100 pictures from one place and stick them together in one. It looks like this one made in France, Annecy. Palais de l’Isle (in the middle of photography) is a castle in the centre of the Thiou canal, built in 1132.


Amber ring

I want to welcome you to see my photo gallery “Amber ring”!

It was shot in my home country – post USSR republic Latvia. 30 and more years ago it was very popular competition riding most expensive Russian made cars Volga (GAZ). About 60 competitors and about 20 000 audience in small country like Latvia was huge event.

This activity died with USSR in the end of eighties, but nowadays they made it again as old school show.

You are welcome to see my photographs from “Amber ring” in galleries!


For more information visit: Amber ring